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COST 734 Action

by Simone Orlandini last modified Feb 13, 2009 11:08 AM

Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on European Agriculture - CLIVAGRI

COST 734 Homepage image Chair: Simone Orlandini
Vice-Chair: Pavol Nejedlik

WG1 Leader: Josef Eitzinger
WG2 Leader: Vesselin Alexandrov, co-Leader: Elena Mateescu
WG3 Leader: Lucka Kajfez Bogataj, co-Leader: Pierluigi Calanca
WG4 Leader: Jorgen Eivind Olesen, co-Leader: Miroslav Trnka

Management Committee of Action 734


The main objective of the Action is the evaluation of possible impacts from climate change and variability on agriculture and the assessment of critical thresholds for various European areas. This goal will be achieved through the accomplishment of intermediate aims, in order to define the current and future levels of critical thresholds and hazards for agricultural activity and environmental resources. The Action will be carried out by four working groups with different tasks: agroclimatic indices and simulation models review and assessment of tools used to relate climate with agricultural processes; evaluation of the current trends of agroclimatic indices and simulation model outputs describing agricultural impacts and hazard levels; developing and assessing future regional and local scenarios of agroclimatic conditions; risk assessment and foreseen impacts on agriculture. The activity of WGs has been structured as a sort of matrix, presenting on the rows the methods of analysis and on the columns the phenomenon and the hazards. Each intersection point describes the evaluation of past, present and future trends of climate and so the impacts on agriculture. Based on these results, possible actions (specific recommendations, suggestions, warning systems) will be elaborated and proposed to the end-users, depending on their needs.

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