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Dragutin Mihailovic

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Dragutin MihailovicProf. Dragutin T. Mihailovic, Ph.D. in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Belgrade University, Serbia and Montenegro, 1983.

Research interest: Land-atmosphere processes; 3D numerical regional/mesoscale modelling; agriculture meteorology, air pollution modelling; water transport through porous material – water and canopies; boundary layer meteorology; uncertainties in modelling over a heterogeneous surface; predicting the occurrence of plant diseases in agriculture; modelling of  the UV radiation.

References: 57 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 56 reports at the international conferences, invited lectures, papers, plenary talks and seminars at 15 universities and 28 conferences.

Project leader.

Present position: professor of Meteorology and Biophysics at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad and Visiting Professor at State University of  New York at Albany.
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